What is Rolled Fondant?  Fondant has been around for years in Europe but is becoming increasingly popular in the USA.  It is a very sweet sugar dough consistency that is rolled out like pie dough and draped over a cake that has been coated with apricot glaze or buttercream.

Is it hard to cut?  You will hear all kinds of stories from people who have had bad experiences cutting a fondant cake.  Simply put, a sharp filet knife and someone experienced in cutting cakes is all that is required.

Why is it more expensive?  Choosing to have your cake covered in fondant is like icing your cake twice.  First there is the layer of buttercream then the fondant.  It takes more time, therefore it costs more.

How do I choose between buttercream and fondant?  Choosing either one is a personal decision only you can make.  Fondant will give a smoother finish with no “rough” edges to cover up with a border.   With fondant you can crimp, paint, embroider, smock, flock, etc.  On the other hand buttercream is not as sweet.  If you want to go with “the look”, fondant produces some fabulous artwork.  Buttercream does too but the finish is definitely different.

I like a cake I’ve seen in a magazine.  Can Cynthia’s Cakes make it for me?  Cynthia’s moto is “If there is a will, there is a way!”  She has been studying and practicing different methods of cake decorating for the past 20 years.  She is very confident in taking on almost any project a customer sees.  It must be said however, that no two decorators decorate alike and there may be some variances in color, texture, flowers, etc. depending on what the bridal couple chooses.

Will the cost of a magazine cake be more?  Generally speaking, cakes seen in magazines are the best of the best because of the fine detailing, handmade decorations, pearl or 24kt gold dusting/painting, hand molded lace, and engineering designs just to name a few techniques.  You can expect to pay more for the labor involved in creating these beauties.

Will the flavor I choose increase the cost too?  Cynthia’s Cakes is proud to offer a large variety of cake flavors.  Some flavors require more labor time to prepare than others.  Batters containing nuts or liquours will carry an extra cost per slice.

Can I sample the flavors?  When you make an advanced appointment, one or two flavors of the day will be on hand to sample.  Every quarter Cynthia invites all bridal couples to a private tasting day where she will have all the flavors available for sampling.

When Do I need to set up an appointment with Cynthia?  The sooner the better!  Cynthia decorates limited number of cakes per week on a first come, first served basis.  She books up to a year in advance.

Will you deliver my cake outside of Texas or to another country?  Cynthia’s Cakes will do everything it can to accomodate any request if given enough time to plan.  Pricing will vary depending on where the cake is to be delivered.

How much is the deposit?  An initial 50% deposit is required to hold a date.  Deposits are non-refundable.

When is the final payment due?  Balances are due no later than 14 days prior to delivery of your cake.